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What they say about Truth Will Out Films

Thank you so much for those red-pill videos. You are very needed in these confusing times, and the time you have put into putting these videos together are a Godsend. Thank you again.

G. Umar

THANK YOU! Adolf Hitler, The Greatest Story Never Told, the best documentary I have ever seen. Simple as. This is magnificent.


Thank you and thank you again. Having grown up in Germany and being spoon-fed the wrong history like so much of History; I appreciate your bravado in showing us another side of History.


I loved watching this series and would like to at least buy the Commmunism By The Back Door DVD to recognise the great work done by Dennis Wise. I hope it changes many lives as I know the The Greatest Story Never Told changed my perspective of WW2 and what is going on in the world entirely.

David Ayers

Another Five Star Documentary from Dennis Wise

Graham Hart

Bravo again to you Dennis for completing this wonderful documentary! Hopefully people will finally wake up to who has been responsible for creating the “New World Odor!” and causing such death, chaos and misery over the past two centuries. Thank you for your firm resolve in presenting the truth to us once again in addition to The Greatest Story Never Told. God bless you!

K.P. Neal

What brilliant work you have all accomplished. I am a changed man for having seen the truth. Please carry on with your great work.

Dale Smith

Once again, you have created an absolute masterpiece. Although the content of your documentary is not new to me, I was pleased to see some footage and interviews that I had not seen before. The New World Order is alive and well and working non-stop to spread communism and destroy Western Civilization. Thank you for your dogged persistence in speaking the truth!

Kate Farley

I loved your documentary. It was mind blowing and it touched me like nothing before. I was in tears at the end of it. I share it with everyone. It amazes me how close minded some people can be. They refuse to see things in a different way even with factual support.


The Genius – Dennis Wise

Dennis Fetcho

This by any measure is one of greatest presentations ever made on Hitler and WWII. A truly magnificent piece of work that should be shown to everyone on earth. Amazing!!


Never before have I felt such a kinship for a nation, my heart broke the further I went.


Thank you and thank you again. Having grown up in Germany and being spoon-fed the wrong history, like so much of history. I appreciate your bravado in showing us another side of history, the one the Governments and Media have been hiding from us for so long. I appreciate people like yourself in this world of deceit. Thank you my friend. Really well done!

Norbert Isles

My copy of TGSNT came today, it took only two weeks. I bet this incredible documentary and DVD will be very sought after, as it becomes known throughout the world.


Mr. Wise, first off let me say I love this series, along with the Greatest Story Never Told. I’m going to purchase and send to my parents to watch.

Merissa Norwood

Thank you Mr. Wise for creating the greatest documentary ever told! The truth will set the world free!


Your documentary is of historical precedence and a mind-opener. It places Hitler in a totally different contrast to what other historians have written.


I was absolutely gripped by your film. I’ve watched a lot of docs that have dealt with the NWO but few if any as compelling as this.

Joel Perry

I would like to thank you and your team for the Greatest Story Never Told. So refreshing to hear the other side, you have set me on a course of discovery.


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