The Story Of The Waffen SS

The Story Of The Waffen SS – Digital eBook


You are about to hear Leon Degrelle, who before the Second World War was Europe's youngest political leader and the founder of the Rexist Party of Belgium.

During that cataclysmic confrontation he was one of the greatest heroes on the Eastern Front. Of Leon Degrelle Hitler said:

“If I should have a son I would like him to be like Leon.”

This essay by Leon Degrelle was first presented at the Fourth IHR Conference in Chicago September 1982, illustrated by TGSNTtv

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What they say about The Greatest Story Never Told

“Thank you and thank you again. Having grown up in Germany and being spoon-fed the wrong history, like so much of history. I appreciate your bravado in showing us another side of history, the one the Governments and Media have been hiding from us for so long. I appreciate people like yourself in this world of deceit. Thank you my friend. Really well done!” -Norbert Iles, March 2014
“I loved your documentary.  It was mind blowing and it touched me like nothing before.  I was in tears at the end of it. I share it with everyone.  It amazes me how close minded some people can be.  They refuse to see things in a different way even with factual support.” -Molly, January 2016
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